Every cloud has a silver lining...

It's fair to say that the last couple of years have been challenging for most of our winemakers - especially for those based across the belt of France (i.e. Loire, Burgundy etc.) - with catastrophic frosts and heavy rainfall damaging huge swathes of vines. However, the silver lining of these particular rain clouds is that small yields often mean an increased attention to detail in picking and sorting and as a result, incredible wines are made with a unique tale to tell...

The story above was no different for Athénaïs de Béru, custodian of Château de Béru and an absolute legend in Chablis winemaking circles. In true form (flashback to the difficulties of the 2016 harvest that resulted in Athénaïs' range of Deci-Dela...), Athénaïs rose from the ashes and has managed to release an exquisite expression of the tumultuous weather of 2020 and 2021.

2022 was also the year of two milestones for Athénaïs and her team; they completed works on their new eco-cellar designed by Zero Carbon Workshop at the estate, and all cuvées are now officially certified as 100% organic!

We have an extremely limited allocation, not surprisingly, so please place your orders sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment!

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Centuries Of Winemaking

The wines of Chablis are famous the world over and have been since the 12th century when monks tended the land. Some used a lunar calendar to guide them, as is seen at the entrance of Château de Béru, home to one of two remaining lunar calendars of its kind dating back to the 15th century.

The monks would select the finest parcels by building stone walls around specific plots, known as Clos. Today, this land and its wines continue to be held in high regard amongst wine drinkers, investors and importers alike. But what is it that makes one Chablis different from the next among the ocean of Chablis production? Most will say, "I love Chablis wines" and expect a uniform steely freshness and minerality that is only achievable with significant intervention in the cellar. But for Athénaïs de Béru, custodian of the land of Béru and winemaker at the 400-year-old family estate, this is no way to make great wine.

"It's not about applying the same recipe to achieve the same wine, but about making wines that have their own personality and individuality and of course when one is working at the whims of the weather, each vintage requires a tailor-made approach.”

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"We don't aim to control the taste we want nature to express itself"



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Photo credit Benoit Guenot Monopole Magazine.