The Story

Athénaïs’ de Béru is not just the person behind Château de Béru; she also produces her own highly-sought-after wines from grapes that she buys from local vineyards in the department of Yonne.

The négoce has developed a partnership with neighbouring farmers whose grapes are cultivated organically or biodynamically. Athénaïs always remains faithful in creating an authentic expression of the grapes terroir without additives, whilst enjoying a great creative freedom in making their cuvées.

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Deci Dela

You will notice some different bottles from 2016 - "Deci-Dela" - a one-off range of wine that Athénais created as a result of a difficult year...

2016 was frustrating for many wine producers including Athénais de Béru. On a cold and dark night in April, a frost destroyed the entire vintage. Athénais jumped into an old car and hit the road towards the warm and sunny south of France in search of healthy grapes from her winemaker friends. She brought back some beautiful grapes and produces a unique vintage called "Deci Dela" (meaning "from here and there"). This vintage is born from the solidarity of the winemaking community and Athénais' brilliant winemaking skills.

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The People


Everyone talks about this minerality but no one knows what it corresponds to. So I really wanted to work on this single-vineyard approach to see the possibilities and personalities of each vineyard where we grow grapes. Of course, it’s a challenge because everybody’s always asking, “What grand cru do you have, what premier cru do you have?” But slowly less and less people are asking this question. Now the question is “Which terroir is this from?”

People's minds are changing.

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