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We are delighted to share great reviews for sisters Céline and Isabelle Josmeyer's new wines. What's especially great about these results is that it marks the first vintage that the sisters have made wines outside of the Alsace appellation in addition to the prized cuvées that are made within the appellation, including the "soft, rounded and complex" Mise du Printemps 2020.

Defining these new wines as the first brush stroke in a newfound creative freedom. Positioning the wines firmly amongst the family's long-standing and distinctive portfolio.

"We wanted to make these wine outside the appellation as we were keen to move away from the regular style found here in Alsace. Pushing the boundaries of our creativity - to make a wine without constraints. We used different shaped bottles and haven't included the grape variety on the label. This way, people can discover new things that wouldn't have been possible had they known the grape variety. We didn't want Icare to be compared to a Pinot Gris from Alsace - instead, we wanted it to be compared to the best quality dry white wines from France."

Critic Julia Harding points out that of over 100 Alsatian producers who participated in the tasting, almost 70% of them were farming organically or biodynamically. Julia notes that "shining examples from pioneers such as the late Jean Meyer of Josmeyer [Céline and Isabelle's father]" will have helped pave the way. Now that the reins are firmly in Céline and Isabelle's hands, we can't wait to see what, and how, they will do next. One thing is sure: the highest quality can always be assured, as Julia affirms in her article 'Alsace – getting the balance right' for JancisRobinson.com.

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Mise du Printemps Pinot Blanc 2020 - 17 points

So much more character than most Pinot Blancs: there’s some green-apple fruit and a touch of white mushroom, ripe lemon, and there is also a definite mineral spiciness that is so much more to do with the place than the variety. Soft and rounded on the palate even though there is a slight impression of the texture from the skin contact. Long peppery aftertaste. A complex Pinot Blanc for sure. Remarkably mouth-filling with such modest alcohol. 

Libre Sous Le Ciel 2020 - 17 points

Gleaming pale copper colour. Fabulous and complex aroma of bitter orange, apricot, rose petal but without the impression of sweetness. On the palate, the variety’s rose petals dominate but that orange/apricot flavour is there too, as well as spice (Josmeyer suggest ginger and they are spot on), all this perfume is counterbalanced by the moderately tannic texture, which itself is rounded out by those few grams of residual sugar. Fresh thanks to the texture as much as to the variety’s moderate acidity. Long, textured finish. A wine to sip throughout the evening – it is not so tannic that you couldn’t drink it on its own. Rose-scented aftertaste. 

Icare NV - 16.5 points

A lovely pinky gold colour and an intense, lightly smoky aroma of sour apricot and orange plum, plus an alluring mix of spice and dried grasses, fragrant without being pretty, and an impression of sweetness in the aroma. Powerful, chewy and yet full of lovely ‘orange’ flavours, not so much the flavour of orange but flavours that make me think of that colour. A complex, dry wine in a restrained but definite skin-fermented style, ie. some tannins but relatively subtle. Long finish. 

Chante Pinot NV - 16 points

Looked frothy to start then settled to an unusually dense mousse of tiny bubbles. Smells of pears and apples with an attractive sour/fresh aroma. Fresh and lively, the mousse fine and gentle, a pet-nat rather than a high-pressure fizz. Those same fruit flavours and a very slight hoppy character on the palate. Lots of fun and no artifice, with impressive persistence. Lovely balance. Tangy citrus aftertaste without as much floral or grapey character as I expected from the varieties. Bone dry and really refreshing with the sour/bright aftertaste. 

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