The Story

Le Vin des Potes is the story of two wine lovers driven by a passion for food, wine and collaboration. 

The adventure started when the pair came together to make a special cuvée for La Chassagnette, made from grapes grown by Stephane Gros in Argelliers. One thing led to another, and they decided to put together the first Vin des Potes wine, which met such high demand it quickly led to a second, and now each new vintage brings new wines...

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The People

Yoan & Basile

Yoan Tavares started life working in a Parisian wine shop and bistro before becoming a sommelier at Michelin starred restaurant La Chassagnette.

Basile Passe spent 10 years working as an IT consultant for a Canadian company before a life-changing meeting with Stefano Amerighi in Tuscany. This prompted him to start a career in wine, and it was while working in wine shops that he met Yoan and Le Vin des Potes was born.

Basile and Yoan conceived of the Le Vin des Potes name (“mates’ wine”) because it captures their ethos of working hand in hand with winemakers, making their own blends from grapes grown by their friends.

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“Natural wines have a crazy energy. They are alive. They evoke emotions within us.”

The Place

Although each cuvée sees them working with a different winemaker, they only work with organic or Demeter certified grapes, blending a wine that reflects the identity of its terroir.  Vin des Potes is a tribute to the know-how of the passionate men and women tending to the beautiful vineyards from which these wines come.

Winemaker collaborations include: 

Frédéric Porro et Stéphanie Ponson (Mas des Agrunelles, Argelliers)

Yohann Moreno (Durban Corbières)

Rémi Pouizin (Visan)

Stefano Amerighi (Cortona, Italie)

Jason Ligas (Samos, Grèce)

Julien Altaber (Sextant, Saint-Aubin)

Matthieu Barret (Cornas)

Frères Ledogar (Corbières)

“Working under biodynamics principles is hard work but it gives the opportunity to taste pure identity and real expression of origin in wines.”