The Story

Matthieu Dumarcher opened up his own winery in 2006 in a remote area near La Baume de Transit. Matthieu produces fresh fruity wines that reflect both the rich terroir that he farms and his own winemaker personality.

“I like the Grenache not too ripe, so it has good tension and fruitiness.”

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The People


Trained as an oenologist, Matthieu was taught in the conventional way, and really this meant making wines that he didn't like. In 2006 he started his estate and began the process of unlearning these practices and ditching the chemical paraphernalia that came along with them. He had one goal, to make fresh and precise wines true to the grapes they came from.

He farms 5 hectares of old vines and produces half a dozen wines bottled as Côtes du Rhône or Vin de France.

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The Place

Rhône, France 

The soil here is mainly comprised of clay and iron and his five hectares of vines are certified organic by Qualité France.

Matthieu uses minimal intervention in the winemaking process, including hand-harvesting the crops from the 45 to 80-year-old vines. Other than a small amount of sulphur at the time of bottling, there is little in the way of intervention.