The Story

These wines are the result of an exciting new Bordeaux project by Matthieu Cosse of Domaine Cosse Maisonneuve.

Matthieu’s wines are made collaboration with an old friend of his, Jérôme Ossard, who has been working in Bordeaux for over 24 years with winegrowers who want to really make the most of their best plots of vines. These particular cuvées come from plot selections of vines with a very high potential thanks to the quality of the terroir from which they grow, resulting in exceptional grapes that in turn, produce high quality yet affordable wine.

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The People


Matthieu and Jérôme are the men behind these bottles, and they both have a common goal to create “identity wines”, seeking to preserve the fruity, balanced and gluttonous character that can come from grapes grown from Bordeaux soils that is often lacking in other wines produced in the region.

They take a qualitative "grand cru" approach to their winemaking, with perfectionism at the forefront of everything they do - from pruning to soil management; precise vinification methods to specific barrel ageing - everything is meticulously thought through on all levels.

As a result, they have managed to produce beautiful, yet racy, contemporary wines, which are distinctively gourmet and full of fruit, yet perfectly balanced…and all at very affordable prices!

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The Place

Bordeaux, France 

The white comes from 2 ha from Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux (White), with Sauvignon and Muscadelle growing from the limestone clay overlooking the Gironde estuary.

One of the reds is from 2.5 ha of vines that are part of Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux (Red), made from a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.

Finally, they have 2.5 ha selected in Fronsac on a typical terroir of the region - alluvial, rocky clay and limestone hillocks with deep chalky and calcareous layers - which allows for Merlot and Cabernet Franc grapes to thrive.

In 2022, Matthieu and Jérôme also took on some new plots, and are growing Semillon, Malbec and Muscadelle grapes which express themselves wonderfully from these terroirs but are unfortunately often neglected and forgotten by Bordeaux winegrowers.

All the vineyards are very well-placed with low natural yields that allow for optimum phenolic maturity to be obtained. The wines are vinified and bottled on site.