The Story


After working 4 years with Jacques Maillet, Florian took over the estate in 2017. They have christened their new venture Domaine Curtet, which is comprised of the same 5-hectare estate on the hillsides above the Upper Rhone River near Switzerland.


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The People

Marie & Florian

The couple farms their land biodynamically, with Florian proving to be a master at implementing teas and infusions as he cares for the land. They have adopted the spirit of Maillet, choosing to work “autrement” in the vineyard and the cellar. Their approach is devoutly non-interventionist, which has proven to be more freeing than restrictive, as the pair’s gregariousness and creativity echoes through every facet of their process down to the dragonfly on the domaine’s labels, signifying the deft touch of nature they showcase in every bottle.

The wines of Domaine Curtet exhibit a crystalline precision and purity–embodying the best of what the unique terroir has to offer.

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The Place

France, Savoie

The Domaine holdings are highlighted by two distinct vineyard sites. The traditional grape varieties of Chautagne—Gamay and pinot noir—are planted in the commune of Serrieres en Chautagne in the lieu-dit Vignes du Signeur—or “The Vines of the Lord.” Nearby, in the village of Motz, the traditional Savoie grape varieties of Mondeuse, Jacquere, and Altesse are found in the vineyard known locally as Cellier des Pauvres—or “Cellar of the Poor.”

The vineyards sites are located close to the Lac du Bourget, on steep slopes, overlooking the Rhône river. The climate is greatly influenced by the proximity to the river, and the high winds, helping them work alongside nature to achieve optimal ripeness and reduce the need for spraying.

The famous Chautagne "molasse soils" (decomposed sandstone) gives an extra freshness to the wines and incredible potential for ageing.

Reds are whole bunch macerated and whites are pressed directly. A very limited amount of sulphur is used during the winemaking process. 

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