The Story

Alain Castex is the original winemaker behind Le Casot De Mailloles, where he worked for 15 years creating some excellent wines, having worked for 15 years in Corbières previous to that.

After passing Le Casot onto his successor Jordi Perez, Castex still holds on to about a hectare of vineyards in the sandy clay soils of Trouillas, just south of Perpignan, where he continues to produce some of the wines for which he is famous, such as Poudre d’Escampette, Ezo, Tir à Blanc and Canta Mañana.

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The People


Alain Castex is a truly iconic figure in the regions of Banyuls and Roussillon, produces wines of another era. He refuses to use any oenological additives, only producing in small volumes - at most 5000 bottles in the biggest years.

He's a rare find in the wine world, a man who has never compromised his belief that natural production is the only way to capture the essence of his terroir. Even in the early days of natural wine where popular opinion rejected this type of winemaking and when appellations refused to accept the authenticity of his incredible bottles, (Alain was refused the local appellation twice and then gave up and simply labelled his wine, ‘Vin de Table’), Alain stuck to his guns. His dedication and commitment to his vision have over the years earned him the respect he deserves.

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The Place

France, Roussillon

Les Vins du Cabanon come from a single hectare of vineyards situated on the sandy, clay soils of Trouillas a little inland from Banyuls, and 15km south of Perpignan.

Alain grows Merlot, Syrah, Carignan and Grenache for his reds, and Macabeu, Carignan Blanc, Grenache, Bourboulenc, Clairette, Muscat andMouvedre for his rosé and white.