The Story

The story began in 2001 when Bretaudeau took over a two-hectare family estate in Gétigné. Back then, he could only work weekends and holidays. By 2005, he had expanded to six hectares, the year of his first vintage, and by 2009 he had converted to organic production. Today, Domaine De Bellevue has nine hectares of vineyards, spread across various appellations and towns: Gétigné, Cugand, Clisson and Vallet.

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The People


Jérôme Bretaudeau is one of a small handful of serious, winemakers devoted to the compelling terroir of Muscadet. He's known for his extravagance, both in the grape varieties he cultivates and in the winemaking techniques he uses.

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The Place

Loire, France 

Situated on the Atlantic Coast where the Loire empties into the ocean, Muscadet enjoys a cool maritime climate with granite soils composed of silica pebbles and white and pink quartz. This terroir gives wines that are low in alcohol, high in acidy, and pronounced in minerality and complexity.

Some 11 varieties of grapes are grown across the nine hectares of vineyards, which is unusual for the region. They include Merlot, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Gris and Chardonnay.  

The wines are aged in concrete eggs or clay amphorae.