The Story

In 2019 Valérie Courrèges had the opportunity to buy a wine estate with extreme potential in her homeland of Cahors.

As a young winemaker Valérie always knew the great potential of the Cahors terroir, and this plot with it’s high quality old vines and first-rate clay and limestone soil provided her with the canvas she needed to create some very special wines.

Valérie also produces a selection of wines in Provence, under her own name, which you can explore here

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The People


After a brief stint as a chemistry student, Valérie soon realised that the nearby oenology campus looked much more appealing. A combination of her fondest childhood memories of making wine with her grandfather in Ossun, South West France, and the fact that the oenology students were having much more fun than the chemists led Valérie to a colourful and exciting career as a winemaker.

After a stint at Viña Los Vascos, followed by Opus One, she landed a role as head winemaker for Château Fontainebleau. It was here that she was able to hone her skills as a biodynamic winemaker.

Valérie also produces a selection of wines in Provence, under her own name, which you can explore here
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“I make wines to enjoy - it’s about conviviality and simplicity. You don’t need to be a wine connoisseur - the main thing is to take pleasure and enjoy!”

The Place

Cahors, SW, France

The vineyard is made up of two 11 hectare plots that are both in the process of being converted fully to biodynamic practices and Demeter certification.

The first parcel of land is in the commune of Montcug, and is planted with Syrah, Gamay, Malbec and Cabernet Franc. It’s here that Valérie choses to avoid the classifications of the AOP (Coteaux du Quercy) and sticks with making Vin de France. Like many of our winemakers, this allows her the freedom of expression to create honest wines against the grain, instead of following the rules of the appellation. 

Her second plot is located in the commune of Sauzet, on the AOP Cahors plateau. The special feature of this area is that on top of the calcareous bedrock there is a thick layer of limestone soil and high quality clay which results in superb natural drainage, but also a high tolerance for drought.