The Story

Bruno Ciofi started the project “Béret et Compagnie”.

He assists small producers in the Loire Valley who are working the vines naturally but don't have enough power to bottle or commercialise their wines.

Béret et Compagnie select only grapes from biodynamic or organic vineyards, and they also support converting their vineyards from conventional farming to natural farming.

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The People


Bruno Ciofi started his career as a wine-maker at Domaine Pierre Frick, one of the pioneers of biodynamic farming and natural wine making in Alsace. After 13 years of experience with Jean-Pierre Frick, Bruno moved to Arbois (Jura) in 2008 and he worked for Domaine de la Pinte until 2016. Bruno brought biodynamic farming to the vineyards in 2009, and so Domaine de la Pinte improved its quality dramatically.

In 2016 Bruno met Virginie Joly, daughter of Nicolas Joly and it was another turning point of his life. Bruno decided to leave Jura and move to Anjou to start a new life with Virginie. At that time, Mark Angéli - La Ferme de la Sansonnière, another natural wine producer in Anjou - was looking for a partner and Mark approached Bruno. Mark and Bruno clicked and they began producing wine together from 2016 to 2020.

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