The Story

Alessandra Divella is the Italian answer to grower Champagne, on track to upend the industrial farming practices rampant in Franciacorta. Her vines have been organic from the start and her two hectares, on lease for thirty years from an older neighbour, teem with life, including rosehips and praying mantises. The aim is to eventually move toward permaculture. Grapes are always hand-harvested and treated gently. Franciacorta is becoming increasingly famous as a first-rate source of high-quality méthode traditionnelle in Italy, and Alessandra Divella’s Blanc de Blancs is no exception.

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The People 

Alessandra Divella

Alessandra is a young prodigy who stumbled into winemaking through interactions with winemakers that made her "feel at home." Despite not coming from a traditional winemaking background, she draws from her family heritage when it comes to detail and precision: her Italian father, for which her NiNì cuvée is named and Swiss mother Clo Clo, are both academics. Having set up operations by herself she has a quiet confidence that belies the adrenaline rush of her wines. Her Chardonnay and Pinot Noir have a saline quality and vibrancy they make your heart race.

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The Place

Lombardy, Italy 

Alessandra farms two hectares of vineyards in Gussago and Cellatica, 1,5 ha of Chardonnay and 0,5 ha of Pinot Noir run organically. Production is very small with around 7000 bottles per year. Every wine is unfiltered and aged on lees between 2-5 years. Fermentations are spontaneous, no sulphites are added and no dosage.