An early harvest in November, strictly by hand, in boxes of no more than 18 kg, and with a maximum of three days waiting time before being cold pressed in continuation. These are the rules that are strictly adhered to by the Tenuta di Valgiano and the reason why the farm’s 3000 olive trees produce oil that is low in acid, has a characteristic pungent flavour, is fruity on the palate but with a delicate note that is almost floral.

This is a very harmonious, drinkable oil. The Tenuta di Valgiano’s centuries-hold experience has also led to the selection of the best varieties which produce a delicate but intense oil: Frantoio, to which are added some ancient and almost extinct varieties to spice the oil with its characteristic and unique nose of cardoon and artichoke.

Lucca oil is the only one in the world to be mentioned in the Oxford Dictionary, which describes it as “Lucca oil, superior quality of olive oil”. It is sold in simple, half-litre, dark glass bottles. There is no label; the information about the farm is elegantly screen printed directly onto the glass.

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