A rare 100% Chardonnay from Beaujolais. This is a beautifully crafted Chardonnay with flavours of citrus and stone fruits, with floral and mineral undertones. It is rounder, with a lighter texture than Burgundy, but still has enough structure and acidity to pair well with most foods. The wine has a gorgeous gold colour and explodes with fruit flavours. Anthony calls it, “The perfect vin d’apéro”.

Anthony Thévenet is one of a handful of winemakers leading the Beaujolais blanc renaissance. There is a long history of Chardonnay production in the region, but for decades the focus has been on reds. Chardonnay thrives in the pockets of limestone scattered throughout the region, and Anthony has discovered an exceptional plot where he lovingly cares for these white grapes. He personally loves Beaujolais Blanc and admits he wanted to make this wine for himself as much as for his customers. It’s an more accessible alternative to white Burgundy that delivers a lot of value.

Vinification: Chardonnay vines grown on clay limestone soils. Grapes are hand-harvested, no sulphites or yeasts added. The grapes are direct pressed, undergo malolactic fermentation, then are aged in 350 litre large old oak barrels, with no lees stirring to avoid oxidation. There is no fining or filtration.

Match it with: A perfect aperitif! Great with seafood, poached and smoked fish.

  • White
  • Chardonnay
  • France, Beaujolais
  • Anthony Thévenet
  • Dry
  • 12.50%
  • Ready to Drink And Will Improve