A semi-oxidative 100% Grenache Blanc, made only in 2020. The wine is labeled as non-ouillé, meaning that it was not topped up during ageing. This causes evaporative loss, which results in more oxygen contact with the wine. A rich straw colour is the first hint it’s not a typical white Grenache. The palate reveals the nuttiness and dried fruits you might expect from a Vin Jaune, but much more subtle and refined. It has a delightful savoury finish and is a true gastronomic wine.

Ludovic Engelvin grew up in the Langeudoc, but is most heavily influenced by his time working alongside Didier Dagueneau and the wines of the world he tasted while working as a sommelier. Ludovic believes in growing only the right variety on the right terroir, and often creates new cuvées if the conditions and grapes provide the opportunity. This oxidative style wine is one of those, a true rarity in the Langeudoc. Only 800 bottles were produced, so this is a must-try wine!

Vinification: These Grenache Blanc vines grow on primarily limestone slopes, using no synthetic treatments or Sulphur. Grapes are hand harvested, pressed directly, and vinified in stainless steel tanks using only indigenous yeasts. The wine matures for 18 months before being bottled unfined and unfiltered.

Match it with: Hard cheeses and nuts of course, but also great with traditionally difficult to pair foods like artichokes and rich fishes.

  • White
  • Grenache Blanc
  • France, Languedoc
  • Ludovic Engelvin
  • Dry
  • 14.00%
  • Ready to Drink And Will Improve