This 100% Romorantin is a defining example of the potential of this rare variety. It is a surprising, tangy wine and an absolute delight to drink. Slight sherry notes, with dried stone fruit and a slightly salty finish. It is complex enough to be interesting but no so much as to be hard work. The acidity is still high, but it is a precise wine with just a hint of oxidation. Note: this wine is sold as Vin de France because this parcel of Romorantin is outside the appellation boundaries of Cour-Cheverny, the only area officially designated for this grape. 

Story: Domaine de Veilloux is a small estate in a quiet part to the Loire Valley near Cheverny. It has been a family owned the estate since the French Revolution, and  was taken over by Michel and Sylviane Quenouix in1994. Michel, a firm believer in the health and environmental benefits of organic and biodynamic farming, implemented these practices from the start and obtained their certification in 1998. The domaine now includes just over 25 hectares, all of which are grown using sustainable, organic methods. One of the rare grapes he grows is this Romorantin, a historical grape in this region that is now only grown by a handful of winemakers. And even fewer make a single-varietal expression.

Vinification: 55 year-old vines on clay sand and silty soil over limestone. Grapes are picked late to achieve maximum ripeness, are hand picked at low yields (30 hl/ha) and gently pressed. The wine is aged on the lees for one year in old oak barrels made from wood that comes from the region. The wine is then bottled with no fining and a light filtration.

Match it with: Smoked fish, white fish with butter sauces, mushroom-based dishes, comté cheese with walnuts.

  • White
  • Romorantin
  • France, Loire
  • Domaine de Veilloux
  • Dry
  • 14.50%
  • Ready to Drink And Will Improve