A blend of any of Chardonnay, Menu Pineau, Chenin, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris and Savagnin. Reynald Héaulé is a master blender, and he developed this cuvée to showcase the extensive range of white grapes in his vineyards. Each year the exact grapes and percentages changes, but the wine always has a complex, layered structure, with a smoky base and notes of beeswax and sweet citrus. This is a gastronomic white, to pair with food and watch it evolve in the glass. Serve at 10-12°C and don’t hesitate to open a bit beforehand.

Reynald Héaulé is known for his passion for rare and native grapes and his expertise in blending them into cuvées to showcase their potential. He refers to his blending process as cooking and proudly says, “Le difference is la cuisine.” With this blend, he works with a range of up to ten grapes: Chardonnay, Menu Pineau, Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Romorantin, Savagnin, Tresallier, Meslier-Saint-François and some hybrids. Each year he adjusts the recipe of which grapes are used and their percentages. He also varies the point in the winemaking process when they are blended – some are pressed together, others ferment together and others are blended just before bottling.

Vinification: Vines averaging 15 years-old are grown on quartz and clay soils with a limestone base. The grapes are hand-harvested, gently pressed and then fermented. The wine is aged for up to 30 months in old oak barrels before being blended and then bottled. This wine is unfined and unfiltered.

Match it with: The layers of flavours in this wine lend itself to pairing with poultry or seafood with cream or butter sauce. It also is a great option for foods that are traditionally hard to pair with wine.

  • White
  • Menu Pineau, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Romorantin
  • France, Loire
  • Reynald Heaule
  • Dry
  • 13.00%
  • Ready to Drink And Will Improve