Terroir: Between Wintzenheim and Turckheim these flat alluvial deposits of the Fecht are rich in clay (22%). The soil is predominantly of sand, shingle, and silt with a high incidence of pebbles and frequent plates of loess.

Age of the vines: 35 years old

Vinification: The grapes are hand-picked and then gently whole-bunch pressed in pneumatic presses over 5-8 hours to give a clean must and a beneficial amount of skin contact. Transferred to thermo-regulated stainless steel tanks the juice then began a natural fermentation using only its own natural yeast which lasted for one month. The fermentation was initially temperature controlled but was eventually allowed to proceed at its own pace to allow the wine to develop its own character and complexity. The wine stabilized in stainless steel tanks naturally during the winter season and, following very gentle filtering, was bottled in March 2018 before the heat of summer to preserve the natural carbonic gas (a natural anti-oxidant). No malolactic fermentation and no chaptalization. 

Spring blossom and white peach aromas open up to a moreish palate with a fleshy texture and refreshing acidity. Ripe apple and honey lift the finish.

  • White
  • Pinot Blanc
  • France, Alsace
  • Domaine Josmeyer
  • Dry
  • 12.50%
  • Ready To Drink