Terroir: Silica in surface and clay with flint (silex) in depth. 

Average age of vines: 60 years old

Vinification: Grapes are hand harvested. Natural fermentation in old oak barrels. Ageing for 3 to 4 years in old oak barrels without topping up the barrels (no "ouillage"). Depending on the results of the ageing, the wine will be called differently: if the wine has aromas that get close to a Vin Jaune it will be called "Savasol". If the aromas are closer to a Spanish sherry, the wine will be called "Esquiss".

  • White
  • Orbois
  • France, Loire
  • Julien Courtois
  • Dry
  • 13.00%
  • Ready to Drink And Will Improve