Made by: Domaine Josmeyer

Terroir: The soil of the 360-meter high slope dominates the vineyard. A mixture of limestone from the Vosges and chalky marl dating as far back as the Jurassic period. Generally speaking, this terroir tends to produce rich, full-bodied, expressive wines. They mature to astonishing aromatics and fabulous richness. Think of Tina Turner, and this would be the character that you get from marl limestone soils.

Age of the vines: 40 years old

Vinification: Grapes are handpicked near the end of October until November when they start to have some noble rot. Then crushed by pneumatic press for 5 to 8 hours. Natural fermentation with indigenous yeasts for 1 to 4 months. No chaptalization. Ageing in old oak barrels or in stainless steel vats. 

  • Sweet
  • Riesling
  • France, Alsace
  • Domaine Josmeyer
  • Sweet
  • 11.50%
  • Ready To Drink