Terroir: Vineyards are located in the foothills of Mount Granier. Situated on glacial moraines, on the night of 24 November 1248, Mount Granier experienced a massive rockslide of some 500 million m3. This terrible event is what resulted in the area’s craggy relief and the mixture of clay and limestone soils and the original rock. Vines are the only kind of vegetation that will grow in such conditions.

Vinification: The white grapes are pressed slowly and gently using a pneumatic system. The vats are thermo-regulated to 5°C in order to clarify the wine. This process allows them to reduce radically and even to eliminate the use of sulphites since the wine does not need these additives. A week to ten days later, they extract the clear fluid, which will ferment with the yeast naturally present in the grapes. The temperature is maintained at 15°C in order to bring out the full aromas. The wine ages on the lees for 30-36 months.

  • Sparkling
  • Jacquère
  • France, Savoie
  • Domaine Giachino
  • Dry
  • 12.00%
  • Ready To Drink