2019, IGT Venezia Giulia "Slatnik", Radikon 
This balance of the Chardonnay and Friulano with 2 weeks of skin contact is nothing but mouth-watering.
2019, IGT Venezia Giulia "Sivi", Radikon
If you are unfamiliar with orange wine, this is absolutely delicious and the perfect wine to start with. The two-week skin contact gives red fruit flavours and sweet spices. Formerly called Pinot Grigio Sivi Radikon.
2019, IGT Venezia Giulia "RS", Radikon
A lovely fresh blend of Merlot and Pignolo with 18 months oak ageing. The Merlot brings a smooth texture, and the Pignolo brings good acidity and black fruit flavours. 
2016, IGT Venezia Giulia "Oslavje", Radikon
This is the latest release of this blend of Chardonnay and Sauvignon. An explosion and concentration of stone fruit, nuts, ginger and spices - a perfect match with creamy shellfish risotto.
2016, IGT Venezia Giulia "Jakot", Radikon
The native Friulano grape dates back to 1600, and in Stanko Radikon hands, it gives a long deep and rich wine. This wine spends a longer time on its skins, allowing the varietal to really shine.
2016, IGT Venezia Giulia "Ribolla Gialla", Radikon
The Ribolla is the estate's flagship wine and the wine that convinced Stanko Radikon to make his first-ever orange wine in 1995. It has a perfect combination of elegance and depth with beautiful almond notes.

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