A Family Portrait by Gut Oggau

Meet Theodora"Wiltrude's daughter. A likeable young lady, who takes everyone's heart by storm with her cheerful manner. She is attractive like her mother and at the same time both impudent and elegant."

Meet Timotheus "Mechtild's and Betholdi's son, Joschuari's and Emmeram's brother. He impresses people with his strong, powerful, and balanced character. He is regarded as self-confident and refined."

Meet Emmeram "Mechtild's and Betholdi's son and the brother of Joshuari and Timotheus. He is the bird of paradise of the family and a globetrotter, whose fascinating and interesting personality has a phenomenal effect on women."

Meet Josephine"Timotheus's second wife and Winifred's stepmother. An easy-going and somewhat voluptuous lady, she first found the love of her life at a slightly older age."

Meet Joschuari "Mechtild and Bertholdi's son, the brother of Emmeram and Timotheus, and married to Wiltrude. A man with style and a charismatic, complex character."

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