These wines come from vineyards that Stephanie and Eduard started working with in 2018 and after. They surround the village of Oggau, so the terroir is very similar to the existing sites. The vineyards are in biodynamic conversion, and as it takes three years for conversion to take place - Stephanie and Eduard thought that it would be best to give the vineyards time to adapt. It was obvious that they would not show their true potential in the first, second or third year, so they decided to bottle them separately as they are masquerading their true character, which is why the faces on the labels are wearing masks. But in the longer-term, once the vineyards are certified, they will either be integrated into the existing wine family or become new members depending on the profiles of the vineyards. So, if you haven't had the chance to taste the Maskerade wines before - now is your chance because this vintage might be the last one!