Part of Giboulot’s love of his organic methods perhaps comes from the fact that he has never done it any differently. He learnt his craft from his father, who ran the estate on an organic basis since 1975, and took over production in 1985 with just a single hectare of land. It was certified biodynamic in 1996. He now produces around 35,000 bottles a year across ten hectares.

His vines of Pinot Noir, for the red wines, and Chardonnay and Pinot Beurrot, for the whites, grow in soils of clay and chalk, at 280 to 400 metres elevation. Only indigenous yeast is used in production, which is based firmly on the schedule of the lunar month. He does not stir the lees, and prefers the wine to reach its own level of quality with minimum intervention. He even uses a mechanical screw press rather than a pneumatic equivalent.

As a result of this care and attention to wines and principles, Giboulot’s wines are balanced, precise and elegant.

This "Feel Burgundy" wine selection will take you on a wonderful journey to the heart of Emmanuel's philosophy.