Bourgogne White 2018: The best way to assess the quality of a winemaker is to try their entry-level wines. This Bourgogne Chardonnay is pure, mineral and aged for 6 months in old oak barrels, which gives a subtle roundness on the finish. “We really believe in creating quality entry-level wines; we make a Bourgogne Blanc like a Meursault.” - Fanny Sabre.
Savigny-les-Beaune (White) 2018: Savigny is usually known for reds, but the whites are a superb example of the appellation. With the same purity and minerality, the wine is aged in oak for 12 months, giving a more complex expression and texture.
Beaune (White) "Les Prevolles" 2018: Les Prevolles is a ‘lieu dit’, which is the name given to this specific plot in Beaune. The terroir here is known to give depth and concentration to the wine.
Bourgogne Red 2018: A great introduction to Fanny’s reds. Fresh, fruit-driven and subtle tannins give a gentle grip and a wonderful minerality. As Fanny says, “We make a Bourgogne Rouge like a Pommard.
Monthelie "Les Sous-Roches" 2018: This wine has a perfect herbaceous character, balanced with fresh red fruits. Match it with carpaccio, marinated chicken or calves liver and bacon.
Beaune "Clos des Renardes" 2018: This is Fanny’s 'coup de cœur’, which translates to ‘her absolute favourite’! It shows structure and elegance with refined red fruit and earthiness. Match it with roast lamb, mushroom dishes or with more delicate beef cuts.

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"2018 was a great vintage in Burgundy - we got quality and quantity - everything went really well, we didn’t have to deal with the strikes, and the weather was good to us. For the red wines, especially, it really was a great vintage. All the conditions were perfect - you really can’t get better!” read more ... 

Fanny Sabre 


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