You won’t believe it, but autumn is probably our favourite time of year. The (literal) fruits of labour are seen in the vineyards as the harvest is carried out by teams of dedicated volunteers. It marks the culmination of a year of hard work, and the chance to recognise the real power of nature, when respectfully nurtured. It’s an end, but also a beginning. The end of the growing season, but the beginning of a new chapter in the cellar…

Like many things in winemaking, the same ideas are reflected in the real world. Autumn brings the end of summer, but often ushers in a peaceful “return to normal” as well. We thought about this when putting together this seasonal wine box. These are six bottles that will pair perfectly with those everyday autumnal moments. So, if for you, that’s making a slow-cooked stew with a glass in hand, cosying up on the sofa with a gripping book, or grabbing a bottle and dashing through the chilly evening air across the road to see a neighbour for a much-needed chat.

These are the bottles for those moments.

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