Weinland "Mechtild"

Gut Oggau




Grape Varieties

Grüner Veltliner


Terroir: Limestone and Slate

Average age of vines: 60 years old

Vinification: Grapes are hand-harvested. The juice spends couple of days on the skin and stems before being pressed with the ancient wooden tree press. Wine is then aged in wooden barrels.

Family tree description:

"The head of the family and mother of the Gut Oggau vineyard. A resolute and strong elderly lady, who continues to guide the fortunes of the Burgenland clan and defies all of life's trials and tribulations like a gnarled oak in a storm. Mechtild always has a ready ear, but constantly adheres to her principles. She is the "kind-hearted grandmother" of nostalgia that one trusts, but she can also be secretive and polarize opinion." 

Vintages & Larger Formats

Weinland "Mechtild" Login Bottle (75cl) 2011
Weinland "Mechtild" Login Magnum (150cl) 2011
Weinland "Mechtild" Login Nebuchadnezzar (15L) 2011
Weinland "Mechtild" Login Bottle (75cl) 2015
Weinland "Mechtild" Login Magnum (150cl) 2015

Gut Oggau Winelist

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