Domaine Josmeyer

France - Alsace

When the Josmeyer estate was certified as a biodynamic producer back in 2001, it was after a relatively smooth conversion. Founded in 1854 by Aloyse Meyer, Josmeyer was largely organic already. In fact, biodynamic production is not so uncommon in the small village of Wintzenheim, near Colmar in Alsace (a spot that enjoys one of the lowest annual rainfalls in the whole of France), largely due to its unique terroir. The Vosges Mountains act as a rain shield, keeping the areas around Wintzenheim dry and basked in sunlight – conditions ideal for biodynamic and organic farming.  

The 25 hectares of vineyards that make up Josmeyer are all located within three kilometres of Wintzenheim. A fifth of the domain is on the Grand Cru classified land of Brand and Hengst, which has been recognised for its exceptional vine-growing abilities for centuries.  

The estate is still in the hands of the Meyer family. The late Jean Meyer took the helm in 1966 before management passed on to his daughters, Céline and Isabelle. The name Josmeyer came from Hubert Meyer in 1941, as an amalgamation of his father’s first name, Joseph, and their surname. This was in order to differentiate themselves from the many other Meyer families that were also making wine in the region.

Josmeyer produces a wide range of varieties, mostly Pinot Gris, Riesling, Pinot Blanc and Gewurztraminer, but also small amounts of Pinot Noir, Muscat, Chasselas and Sylvaner. These are grown using biodynamic treatments, such as cow horn manure, nettle and horsetail, and are grown densely to encourage the roots to deepen. They use cuttings from their best vines in order to propagate them, instead of the more common practice of cloning. The grapes themselves are hand-picked and are not de-stemmed, and the fermentation comes from only indigenous yeasts found naturally on the grapes.

As Jean Meyer used to say, “A wine is like a pencil stroke.” This artistic theme continues to this day, with modern art gracing the labels of Josmeyer wines. But the greatest works of art are the wines themselves, which are fresh, elegant and subtle, each one crafted to be enjoyed with food.

Domaine Josmeyer Winelist

Vintages & Larger Formats

Pinot Blanc "Mise du Printemps" Login Bottle (75cl) 2018
Riesling "Le Kottabe" Login Bottle (75cl) 2017
Pinot Gris "Le Fromenteau" Login Bottle (75cl) 2015
Gewürztraminer "Les Folastries" Login Bottle (75cl) 2015
Gewürztraminer "Les Folastries" Login Bottle (75cl) 2013
Gewürztraminer "Les Folastries" Login Bottle (75cl) 2012
Sylvaner "Peau Rouge" Login Bottle (75cl) 2018
Alsace "Fleur de Lotus" Login Bottle (75cl) NV
Riesling "Le Dragon" Login Bottle (75cl) 2017
Riesling "Le Dragon" Login Magnum (1.5L) 2016
Riesling "Le Dragon" Login Magnum (1.5L) 2014
Riesling "Le Dragon" Login Magnum (1.5L) 2013
Pinot Gris "Un Certain Regard" Login Bottle (75cl) 2016
Pinot Auxerrois "H" Login Bottle (75cl) 2016
Pinot Auxerrois "H" Login Bottle (75cl) 2015
Pinot Auxerrois "H" Login Magnum (1.5L) 2014
Pinot Auxerrois "H" Login Magnum (1.5L) 2013
Pinot Auxerrois "H" Login Magnum (1.5L) 2012
Pinot Auxerrois "H" Login Magnum (1.5L) 2011
Riesling Grand Cru "Brand" Login Bottle (75cl) 2017
Riesling Grand Cru "Brand" Login Magnum (1.5L) 2014
Riesling Grand Cru "Brand" Login Magnum (1.5L) 2009
Riesling Grand Cru "Hengst" Login Bottle (75cl) 2014
Riesling Grand Cru "Hengst" Login Magnum (1.5L) 2011
Riesling Grand Cru "Hengst" Login Magnum (1.5L) 2010
Riesling Grand Cru "Hengst" Login Magnum (1.5L) 2009
Riesling Grand Cru "Hengst", Samain Login Bottle (75cl) 2007
Pinot Gris Grand Cru "Brand" Login Bottle (75cl) 2008
Riesling Grand Cru "Hengst" Vendanges Tardives Login Bottle (75cl) 2001

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