Cidre Brut "Cossais qu'on boit un coup"

Cyril Zangs



Grape Varieties


The age of the orchards:  from 15 to 60 year old. Blending of 50% Cidre Brut and 50% This Sider up.

Cider process: Apples are hand-picked between early October to mid-December.  They are then separated by variety and store in his barn to continue ripening for up to 6 weeks. Apples are then grated to create a marc. Pressing through the hydraulic press. The amber-coloured apple juice (with a density of 1050 to 1065) is transferred to vats and racked during the 6 months long fermentation process. The unfiltered cider is bottled with no sulfites added and stocked horizontally for 2 to 3 months to capture sparkle.

Bottles are then stored on an A-frame wooden rack and turned regularly for 3 weeks in order to be disgorged. Disgorgement is made manually and removes naturally all the sediment in the bottles. Each bottle is then topped up with the same cider, without anything else added.

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