The Story

“Amor per la Terra” meaning “love for the land” in Catalan is a project run by Jaume Jordà, Salvador Batlle (Cosmic) and Xavi Rutia. It’s a collaborative partnership between friends, with a cyclical goal of supporting farmers doing things in the “old way” and thereby, protecting the land.

These bottles are all about storytelling.

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The People

Xavi, Salvador & Jaume

Drawing upon his extensive connections and profound understanding of the Catalonian terrain, Xavi Rutia (Monocrom, Barcelona) initiated the "Amor per la Terra" project with a primary goal of showcasing the efforts of tradition-lead local grape farmers.

This is a collaborative project with his friend Jaume Jordà, (who specialises in importing natural and biodynamic wines), as well as another friend and acclaimed winemaker Salvador Batlle of Cosmic Vinyaters who handles the winemaking aspect.

It's a labor of love; a project created by friends, for friends.

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The Place

Spain, Cantalunya

The wines of Amor per la Terra come from a range of terroirs within Catalunya; mostly from Empordà (north of Barcelona) & Penedès (south of Barcelona).

"El Torrent de la Bruixa"
Parellada, Macabeu, Xarel-lo | Clay-limestone
Aiguamúrcia (Tarragona)

“L'Oranget del Montmell”
Moscatell, Carinyena Negra, Macabeu | Clay-limestone
3 sites: "Pauet Petit" (380m), "La Juncosa" (420m), "La Parada de L'Hort" (480m), in the La Serra del Montmell (Tarragona)

“La Vicenta”
100% Xarel-lo | Calcerous sand

“La Vinya del Boter”
Monsatrell, Macabeu, Xarel-lo, Cabernet Franc | Clay-limestone
"Rodonyà" vineyard in Serra del Monmell (Tarragona)

“La Vinya d'en Tomàs"
Monsatrell, Macabeu, Xarel.lo, Cabernet Franc | Sandy-alluvial


"These are wines closing the circle with just one motivation: to love the land and care for those who work it."