A Wine For Explorers...

Thomas and Charlotte Carsin, the owners of Terre de L’Elu (Loire, France) both hail from Brittany and share a love of the sea almost as strong as their passion for wine. Thomas’ family has a maritime history and the couple find the water still provides a great source of both relaxation and fascination.

So, in 2019 they became interested in the work of another French couple, Ghislain Bardout et Emmanuelle Périé-Bardout, who were embarking on a four-year deep sea scientific exploration in a submarine capsule.

They decided to sponsor the expedition, eventually creating a bespoke wine..."Entre Deux Mondes" or "Between Two Worlds".

“They are the couple who explore la mer (the sea), and we are the couple who explore la terre (the land)” - Thomas.

2020 VDF "Entre Deux Mondes"

In the spirit of innovation, Charlotte and Thomas created a unique blend of their two worlds - red and white grapes. Chenin, Pineau d’Aunis, Gamay and Cabernet Franc from old vines, grown on the same plot, with the same quartz terroir. They are de-stemmed and co-fermented together with indigenous yeasts, then aged one year in barrel and amphora.

What began as just 600 bottles of a special blend, “Entre Deux Mondes” has now become one of the wines Charlotte and Thomas are most excited about...

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Where Two Worlds Meet

Not a rosé, and not a classic red, "Entre Deux Mondes" is a defacto bridge between white and red wine. It has a brilliant ruby colour and aromas of cherry and violet which are joined by anise, spices, and delicate tannins on the palate.

It’s a gastronomic wine and a brilliant match for a surf-and-turf combo, like scallops with pork, or baked fish with a tomato-based sauce.

Charlotte and Thomas donate a portion of the sales in support of the underthepole.org expedition.

Availability of this special cuvée is limited.

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"At the edge of the world, so many encounters and exchanges take place.

Sailboats depart from the coast, taking with them our dreams and our bottles onboard. Others dock, delivering the mysteries of the abysses.

This cuvée affirms the meeting of these two universes; liquid and terrestrial.”




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