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Chef Patrick Duler from Domaine de St Gery will take over our warehouse for an exceptional dinner based around his products. We asked the Chef to create a 5 course dinner around the wines from Domaine Causse Marines, Domaine Cosse Maisonneuve and Domaine de Souch. 


 About the Chef...

 Chef Patrick Duler took over the Saint Gery farm in 1984, with the ambition to turn it into a self sufficient and lively farm, restaurant, hotel and home. Patrick grows everything from corn , buckwheat, olive trees, sunflowers, to the vegetable garden that provides all the ingredients for the daily menu in his restaurant. Patrick has been recognized as one of the best producers of ham, which is aged in his wine cellar, developing extraordinary flavours.

Patrick will bring his exceptional products to London for this exclusive dinner, 


 About the wines...

Three wine producers from the Southwest of France are flying to London for the occasion. Matthieu Cosse from Domaine Cosse Maisonneuve (Cahors), Virginie Maignien from Domaine Causse Marines (Gaillac) and Jean-Rene Hegoburu and Emmanuel Jecker from Domaine de Souch (Jurancon). They will join you for dinner, share their passion with you and explain all the secrets about their wines! 



About the Menu...

The Menu will be:





Charcuterie Selection cured in “Saint Gery”
2014 VDF « Zacmau », Domaine Causse Marines [125ml]
Foie Gras Duo
2014 VDF « Dencon », Domaine Causse Marines [125ml]
Pumpkin, Figatelle, smoked pork belly, parsley
2014 VDF “Abstemes S’Abstenir”, Dom. Cosse Maisonneuve [125ml]
Gascony black pork fillet, spelt & lard
2014 Cahors « les Laquets », Domaine Causse Maisonneuve [125ml]
« Traditional Reinette » apple crumble, citrus coulis
2015 Jurancon Moelleux, Domaine de Souch [100ml]

The dinner is at £100, this includes the 5 course menu and the 5 wine paired. 

Number of seats are limited ! 

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Dinner starts at 7:30pm, first dish will be served at around 8pm. 

We expect the evening to last until 11pm


The dinner will be held in our secret tasting room .... 


Meet the following wine producers during the dinner and discover their wines!

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