Domaine Causse Marines

Domaine Causse Marines

Situated in Gaillac, Domaine Causse Marines is a 15 hectares wine estate managed by Patrice Lescarret and Virgnie Maignien, both winemakers. The story of the estate is quite peculiar. First, Patrice studied oenology in a famous university in Bordeaux and then was employed at several domaines in France (in Sancerre and in Provence).  After a few years of working conventionally for others, he made the big leap and created his own estate in 1993 through buying the 8 hectares of vineyards from a retiring farmer. Later, Patrice was joined by Virginie, a former student of the ESSEC business school who quitted everything to enrol in a wine school in Beaune and never left the estate after a training with him.

Domaine Causses Marines' vineyards are made of very old vines issued from sélection massale dating back to WWII. Pascal and Virginie mainly grow indigenous grape varieties such as Mauzac, Loin de L'Oeil, Ondenc or Braucol for instance. The vines are planted on soils made of limestone and calcareous elements on a rocky plateau. The whole vineyard is conducted through biodynamic principles and got certified by Demeter a few years ago. Also, as the winegrowing is very respectful of the grapes and the terroir, the winemaking is based on very few interventions from the winemakers (low filtration, no fining, low sulphites, etc.). 

Re-baptized after the geological factors of the area (Causse being the rocky plateau and Marines being the name of the river at the bottom of the property), Domaine Causse Marines makes incredible wines expressing the genuiness of the place and the vines. Patrice puts all his dedication and personality in each bottle, including his humour through unusual wine labels!

As Patrice Lescarret says himself: "We can make organic wine without having long hair and smoking grass! One can do natural wines that don't smell cow's fart..."

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